Sony's stunning 2015 BRAVIA TV line-up

Danny Rawles
The Sony BRAVIA KD-65X9000C 4K TV
The Sony BRAVIA KD-65X9000C - the world's thinnest 4K TV

Sony clearly has a New Year's resolution and like many of us, that resolution is to lose weight and slim down. Last year's TVs had a very prominent "wedge" shape which to be fair to Sony did at least offer something a bit different to the norm but they didn't really set the world alight and made wall mounting tricky.

The wedge design does make a return this year but accompanied by Ultra-Slim, Slim Curved and Slim models.

Sony's 2015 TV line-up consists of 12 new 4K Ultra HD TVs and 16 new Full HD TVs. Sizes range from a whopping 75 inch monster down to a more bedroom friendly 32 inch.

Thinner than an iPhone 6

A side profile of the Sony BRAVIA KD-65X9000C 4K TV

With a depth of just 4.9mm, Sony say their ultra-slim X90C 4K TVs are "the world's thinnest", that's about as thin as an average OLED TV and 2mm thinner than an iPhone 6... wow!

Of course the stand and the back panel that contains the processor and all the input connections will add some bulk but at its thinnest, 4.9mm is an incredible achievement.

Just imagine how stunning it will look mounted to your wall.

Although this ultra-slim design is only being offered on 2 out the 28 new models, the KD-65X9005C and the KD-55X9005C.

4K quality from low quality video

This year's TVs come with a new 4K Processor called the X1 which Sony say delivers their best-ever 4K picture quality.

No matter what content you throw at it, Sony claim their new processor and scaling technology will up-scale lower resolution video to near 4K quality.

That's quite a claim but if they can pull it off, the argument for investing in a 4K TV even with a shortage of 4K content, just got stronger.

Android TV

The other big headline is the introduction of Android TV which aims to create a smart TV backed by the power of Google's Android operating system.

Android TV brings features such as

Google's Android TV
  • The latest apps such as iPlayer, Netflix, & Amazon Prime Instant Video
  • Personalised content
  • Recommendations
  • Voice control via the built-in microphone
  • Send content from your smartphone or tablet to your TV via Video casting
  • Remote control app for your smartphone or Android Wear watch

Android TV will be available on all 12 4K models and the top 3 spec Full HD models.

Hi-Res Audio to match those 4K pictures

Hi-Res Audio logo

The very top spec X94C and X93C models also come with high resolution audio. This technology will automatically up-scale dialogue, sound effects and music to near high resolution quality.

This technology is coupled with side mounted speakers which is something I've always found a bit odd.

Not only does it ruin the design by adding bulk to the sides but considering the price point of these top of the range TVs, I would have thought that anyone who could afford such a TV would also have an external audio and speaker setup.

Once again though, Sony are giving consumers choice so I guess the point is, if you don't like it, there are plenty of other models to choose from.

Front view of the Sony BRAVIA KD-65X9300C 4K TV
The Sony BRAVIA KD-65X9300C 4K TV

Prices and launch date

Prices currently range from

£4,499.00 for the 75" 4K KD75X8505CBU right down to

£329.00 for the 32" HD Ready KDL32R403CBU

Not all models are out yet but most are now available to buy now from Currys with the Super Slim models due to arrive later this summer.

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*Prices correct as of 03-01-2016

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